Cohesion   (Adult)

Imogen Ridout
Kelley McCarthy

There are 2 Adult Divisions in Synchronized Ice Skating.  Both are National level divisions. 

Adult - The Adult Division consists of a team where 75% of athletes must be over the age of 25years.

Advanced Adult - The Adult Advanced Division team consists of athlets 18years and above.

Team - A team for both divisions consists from a minimum of 8 athletes and up to 16 athletes with 2 reserve positions making the maximum 18 athletes per team.

Cohesion currently have 2 teams competing in the Advance Adult Division and are working on having an Adult division and an Advanced Adult division team for 2022.

Cohesion 2017
Cohesion 2018
Cohesion 2019 state
Cohesion 2019