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ISWA Team Tryouts 2021

Invitation for ISWA Synchro Team Tryouts

Synchro offers the opportunity to compete at a state, national and international level, while skating alongside teammates who share the same passion.


Ice Synchro WA (ISWA) will be fielding teams for skaters of all ages and abilities in 2021. Our senior team, Infusion, are two-time National Champions and have represented Australia twice at the World Championships while our Basic Novice team, Bees, were National Champions in 2017 and 2018.

We invite skaters from all levels to come and try skating with our teams, and we would love to welcome you to our club.


Saturday 6th February, 13th February and 20th February - enter Rink 2 via Cabin 401 foyer and register at the desk.

New Skaters -Saturday - 8.00am – 9.00am (Rink 2)
Fireflies – Saturday - 7.00am -9.00am (Rink 2)
Basic Novice (Bees) - Saturday - 6.00am – 8.00am (Rink 2)
Advanced Novice (Jitterbugs) - Saturday – 6.00am – 7.00am and
Wednesday -7.15pm – 8.15pm (10th / 17th / 24th Feb)

Please arrive 30 minutes before on ice times to register and get your skates on.

What to wear: For our new skaters – neat and fitted clothing that is comfortable to skate in. For our returning skaters – ISWA club training outfit.

Cost: $30 per session for all returning members; new skaters have their first session for free and $15 for the remaining sessions

RSVP: Please ensure that you complete the online registration form at:

There will be a meeting for parents new to ISWA on the 13th February in the café of Rink 1 at 8.00am to answer any questions you have about joining a team.

Please contact for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The WA government has announced that given there are no new Covid-19 cases detected up to Friday Feb 5 then as of 6pm, the lockdown that began at 6pm on Sunday Jan 31 will end. Some restrictions still apply and will remain in effect until 12:01am Feb 14.

The Tryouts and training sessions will proceed as planned however please refer to the official announcement on the government website here:

Please note that:

  • masks must be worn by all parents and skaters over 12 years of age both inside and out

  • the number of people within the ice rink will be limited with a 4 sqm capacity rule to be applied; we will need to take the rink’s advice on how this is to be implemented

  • on entry to the rink, everyone must register with the SafeWA app or record their details on the log sheet provided

  • there are capacity limits for Cabin 401 of 81 people, 69 on rink 2 and 150 on rink 1 and the café combined; we are unlikely to reach these limits however if instructed by CIA staff, priority will be for skaters, coaches, Team Managers and parents/supporter to remain in that order

These restrictions may affect the types of drills used by the coaches so pay close attention to their instructions to make the most of your session.


Assuming we continue to have no new Covid-19 cases then these restrictions are expected to be eased from 12:01 Feb 14 and we can return to the normal we knew prior to Sunday Jan 31.

If you cannot attend a Tryout session due to an evacuation order or similar circumstance out of your control then please email the Secretary ( so we can inform your coach or a Team Manager.

Tryouts and Transition Out Of Covid-19 Lockdown

2023 AGM

ISWA will be holding our Annual General Meeting for 2023 on Saturday 25th March in Cabin 401. The AGM is an important meeting to set the committee for 2023. The following positions will be open for nomination and must be elected to the committee at the AGM:

  • President: duties include providing strong, efficient and effective leadership, ensuring the organisation is run efficiently and effectively, providing a safe and enjoyable recreational environment for all members and ensure activities are participated in a fair spirit.

  • Vice President: duties include providing leadership to all members, volunteers, supporters, staff and other stakeholders, providing support to the President and the other committee members. 

  • Secretary:  duties include providing administrative support to the President and other committee members, manage the business arising as determined by the OC.

  • Treasurer: duties include being responsible for ensuring accurate financial management of the club, and supporting all other committee members to ensure efficient operation of the club.

  • General Committee Members: duties include support to the executive team and other committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the club.

Committee members are expected to attend meetings approximately once a month, as well as perform the duties of the position as required. 

The ISWA committee is run by volunteers who have a passion for seeing this sport excel and succeed. If this is something you would like to be a part of, you can nominate using the 2023 Nomination form and email it to prior to the AGM.

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