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ISWA Life Membership

ISWA honours those who have consistently, over a period of several years, delivered long-standing and exceptional service across the whole club (not just a given team), through the award of ISWA Life Membership.

Vanessa Anderson

Awarded 2017

In appreciation of your long term contributions to the club; your warmth, generosity, and spirit of constructive help offered to all teams

Catherine Fleay

Skater parent since 2011, awarded 2016

In appreciation of your outstanding contributions to the ISWA Club and Committee and ongoing valuable support across all our ISWA teams

Brad Scott

Skater parent since 2010, awarded 2015

In appreciation of your club contributions through convening ISWA Competitions; WAISA interaction; and technical expertise

Sue Peacock

Skater parent since 2008, awarded 2014

In appreciation of your contributions and long term service and support of the ISWA club, coaches and skaters

Rae McLellan

Skater parent since 2005, awarded 2014


Sharon Broughton

Skater parent since 2003, awarded 2012


Michael Ridout

Skater parent since 2008, awarded 2011

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