National Championships


Each team trains during the year in order to compete at Club, State and ultimately National Championships.


If the team demonstrates sufficient performance it is nominated by WAISA to compete in the National Championship which is held in a different city each year in very late November and early December.


Typically they are held in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and so involve travel and accommodation. The competition is held over three days and includes Official Practice and then two days for the short program and the free skate program for the more mature teams. Younger teams, which only skate one program, nonetheless get to watch the best of Australian teams and cheer on their club teams.


As we have grown from one team to several teams we have incurred some logistic difficulties, managed as best we can each year to remain at one location in these interstate venues as a club. The teams depart Perth at various times in the lead-up to the competition, balancing the need for ice time (available in Perth but in high demand at the east coast venues) against the need to overcome jet lag and excitement of being at the competition.

Inevitably we have limited numbers of rooms available and so sharing and minimising chaperone numbers and sometimes  other family members need to have separate accommodation.