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What is Synchronised Ice Skating?

2012 Infinity

A Synchro team typically comprises 12-16 skaters, working in unison to present formations, spins, lifts and footwork of varying degrees of complexity with an artistic presentation.

If you're looking for something different that is social, fun and challenging, synchro skating may be for you. We have teams from novice through to advanced and adult levels, giving our skaters a clear line of sight from beginning to international potential. 


Our synchro teams compete in state competitions. Each calendar year season is aimed at competing in the Australian Figure Skating Championships where we have a proud record of achievement. In addition there are options for international competitions, as achieved by the Senior team in representing Australia at the World Championships in North America and Europe.

Many people learn to skate through the CIA “Learn To Skate” and XIA "Aussie Skate"TM programs. Once basic competencies are gained skaters can be considered for invitation to join our entry level teams Fireflies (CIA) and Bluebirds (XIA). At the beginning of each season (February) we have try-out days.

The national governing body is Ice Skating Australia which in turn belongs to ISU, the International Skating Union.

Every synchro skating program contains a number of different elements: more detail on these is at the Synchro Elements page.

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