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Working With Children


The sport and recreation sector plays a pivotal role in children’s development. It is

important that safe environments are provided for children participating in any sport.

The Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 aims to protect children from harm by providing a high standard of compulsory national criminal record checking for people wishing to do paid, unpaid or volunteer child-related work in WA. The Working with Children Check (WWC Check) considers criminal records to see if people have charges or convictions that indicate they may harm a child. Volunteer organisations like ISWA have a number of responsibilities and obligations which are outlined at Factsheet 11.


Certain people don’t need to have a WWC check and must NOT apply for one.

For example (For full details, check the information in Factsheet 5 “Child-related

work and Exemptions” at

  • Volunteers who are under 18 years of age

  • Parents volunteering at a club in which their child is ordinarily involved in some or all of the activities.


However, this second exemption does NOT apply to parents volunteering at overnight camps attended by their children [and others].


ISWA Team Managers are aware of legal requirements in this area and are referred to the WWC website in particular for the Factsheets available there at

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